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Very soon a new Visit Lincolnshire web site is being launched by Lincolnshire County Council. This is a complete redevelopment of the existing Visit Lincolnshire site which in addition to promoting tourism across the whole of the county will also host specific content for individual towns.

The Stamford Town Team is currently developing the information which will feature on the site. This will include a full listing of all businesses in the town; details of principal historic and heritage sites; an events calendar; town guides and tours; plus general information about visiting and staying in the area.

The Stamford pages will be accessed directly via the web address This current address ( will also be redirected to the new site.

Users of the Stamford Forum are advised to switch to, which has an active Stamford section offering discussions, polls, small ads and community groups sections.

We will shortly be distributing a leaflet to all of the businesses in our database, asking them to check their entries on the new web site and let us know of any changes or additional information which they would like to see. This should cover around 90% of the existing businesses, but any we have missed are more than welcome to submit their details. What we need is as follows:

  •     Business name
  •     Address and postcode
  •     Phone number (for customer enquiries)
  •     Email address (for customer enquiries)
  •     Web site address (if relevant)
  •     Contact name (for customer enquiries)
  •     Contact position
  •     Short description of business (250 char approx)

We would also welcome advance notice and details of any significant events which may be of interest to visitors/tourists. Here we would need:

  •     Title of event
  •     Date(s) of event
  •     Full address of event
  •     Description of event (250 char approx)
  •     Entry price(s) (if applicable)
  •     Opening/closing times
  •     Contact name
  •     Contact phone number
  •     Contact email address

Please contact for more information, thank you